Zoom fatigue is real. Don’t let it kill your social life.

Zoom fatigue is real. Guess which of the photos below is when I started to feel it.

  • A lot of visual stimulation from other people’s backgrounds
  • Tech troubles and delays
  • Constant worries about our partners/roommates/kids springing up in the background
  • Multi-tasking is easier, so we end up doing fifty different things at once

1. Limit work-related video calls to one day a week.

Pick a day, any day, and make that your video call day for work. If someone wants to book a video call with you, give them your availability for that day. If they’re not available on that day, offer a phone call instead.

2. Schedule video calls for when your energy levels are highest.

We go through different energy levels, moods, and priorities throughout the day. You can use that to your advantage when you’re scheduling video calls with other people.

3. Play games with your friends instead of (or alongside!) video calls.

There are lots of games you can play online with friends that will feel like a distraction from the daily Zoom calls. Whether you like puzzle games, board games, or games you can play on your phone instead of your computer — you’ve got options!

4. Attend online events that bring people together around a shared interest or activity.

If your focus is on meeting new people, look for events around an activity or shared interest. This will let you meet new people by doing fun things together instead of making polite networking conversation.

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